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The Best Things to Do in Acapulco

Acapulco is probably the most classic tourist destination in Mexico. Its popularity started in the 40’s and 50’s with the presence of stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and John Wayne, who chose Acapulco to vacation and to escape the dynamic Hollywood lifestyle. The construction of the Acapulco-Mexico City highway in 1945 gave it the boost it needed to make it the favorite destination among national and international artists and characters from the international culture and politics.

When it comes to tourist infrastructure and services, Acapulco has it all. Its hotel offer surpasses the 19,000 rooms, which are distributed in over 260 hotels of all the categories and available for every budget. Whether you want to stay in the Acapulco Golden Zone, at the Zona Diamante, near Pie de la Cuesta or in any of the tourist zones of Acapulco, you’ll always find a lodging option that fits your needs.

Probably the biggest Acapulco tourist attractions are the beaches. The port has 20 km of beaches extended from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta, inviting tourists to surf, fish, kayak or just relax. The weather of Acapulco will allow you enjoying its beaches pretty much all year long, since it has a tropical weather with an annual average temperature of 28.3 °C.

The hard times do not diminish the joyful spirit of the acapulqueños. You’ll see that on your coming Acapulco vacations you’ll enjoy the local hospitality and an endless list of activities and places of interest.

Last but not least, don’t leave Acapulco without getting an artisanal souvenir. In the port you’ll find the typical wooden masks, mutates, wooden furniture and articles that will allow you taking a piece of Acapulco with you.

What to Visit in Acapulco:

Roqueta Island.

The paradisiac Roqueta Island is located in front of Caleta and Caletilla in Acapulco. It’s an island of over 1.5 km² that has a zoo, beaches and diving areas. Near Roqueta Island you’ll find the Virgen de los Mares, a 2.45 meters submerged virgin that you can access through diving.

La Quebrada.

An unforgettable show, the Acapulco divers show in La Quebrada is an icon of the port. Since 1934 it has been a must thing to see in Acapulco, as the tourists have the chance to see the incredible divers jumping from the cliffs with no protection at all. There are 5 shows a day and even when it’s a free show, the divers do ask for tips.

San Diego Fort.

The San Diego Fort was built in 1616 to defend the conquerors of the pirate attacks. Since 1986 this majestic construction is home to the Acapulco Historic Museum, with 12 permanent halls and one temporary hall.

Cathedral of Our Lady of La Soledad.

It’s in the center of Acapulco and it’s the main religious temple of the port. Of byzantine and Moorish architectural style, it was built in the XX century but rebuilt in the decade of the 50’s after it suffered damages in an earthquake.

Papagayo Park.

Acapulco’s Papagayo Park puts together nature and infrastructure to offer visitors a great experience. It’s an ecological and recreational reserve of over 218,000 m² with three artificial lakes, sports fields and shows area.

Pie de la Cuesta.

Sunsets at Pie de la Cuesta are something worth watching! In this area of Acapulco you’ll find tasty gastronomy in typical restaurants, as well as tourist agencies where you can hire boat tours to visit the Pelona or La Montosa Islands.